Newhaven Restoration Ministry International

Newhaven is a new place of safety and security from the destruction ravaging the earth these last days. It offers the believer heaven’s order of life of absolute peace and unending joy on the earth; and makes him ready for eternity with Christ afterward.

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Our Vision

To expand the territorial boundaries of the Kingdom of God on the earth


Our Mission

To restore and preserve God’s creation on the earth from corruption to be reflecting the glory of God, by bringing believers to perfection.


Mission Statements

To bring the believer to perfection through his baptism into Christ.

To facilitate the believer’s discovery of his primary ....

Believers Perfection Revolution Mandate

We received a fresh mandate from the Lord when, on April 22, 2017. He said to the  president of the ministry, “It is time to take My people to perfection.” We received this mandate as a signal for a new move of God in the Body of Christ – “Move of God for the      Perfection of Believers for kingdoms take-over through Baptism into Christ.” We also believe that this may be the last major move of God on the earth. This is because there is nothing more to seek after perfection but to be going from perfection to perfection in order to go from glory to glory unto eternal glory!



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The President

Brother Adekunle Joseph Adu is the president of Newhaven Restoration Ministry International. He is God’s Apostle of Preservation for His creation this End-time. After his training as an architect, he practiced for twenty-five years before God called him and gave him the preservation mandate in 2007. He is an anointed teacher of the Word and also a prolific writer. Through him, God is unveiling present truths that will position His people to fulfill His purpose on the earth these last days, for them to fulfill their destinies


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