Frequently asked questions on Perfection and answers.

What does God mean by being perfect as He is perfect? (Matthew 5: 48)

God is asking you to possess a pure heart that is free from the impurities that breed sin in it to pollute it, so your spirit that was created after the image of God can be perfect like His Spirit. (Genesis 1:27; Ephesians 4:24)

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What is the difference between the world’s view of Christian Perfection and God’s view?

To be perfect is to be complete and without defect or blemish; to be flawless. While the world’s interpretation of this definition is in terms of the physical and visible – OUTWARD MORAL BEHAVIOUR AND DISPOSITION; God’s interpretation is in terms of the spiritual and invisible – INWARD COMPOSITION OF A PURE HEART AND A PERFECT SPIRIT which are unknown to man, but known to only God. (1Samuel 16:7)

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Why is God asking me to be perfect as He is perfect?

God is asking you to be perfect as He is perfect principally because it is what it takes for you to fulfil the purpose for which He created you, and hence your destiny. (Isaiah 43:7; Romans 8:28-30)

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Is perfection the only condition for making heaven?

Sin is what disqualifies men from making heaven; and there is no man on the earth that does not commit sins. But when you become perfect, God the Judge, becomes your defender to automatically acquit you of the sins that would have disqualified for heaven! We have overwhelming witnesses in the Scriptures that Perfection is the only condition for the believer (who is already born-again) to make heaven. Here are ten of them:

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How do you know that you have become perfect; and when you become perfect?

You become perfect when your heart becomes pure. But it is only God that knows the true state of the heart. Therefore, you will know that you have become perfect, and when you do, when God confirms it to you. But there are traits manifested by the perfect believer that you can use to assess your progress towards perfection.

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